Looking for something different for your business? Maybe you are looking for a dedicated truck every day for a month or even two, Vertex can help with that. We know that in this industry nothing is cut and dry, and sometimes you need to work outside the box and create a new way to get things done!

At Vertex Transportation services Inc. we provide industry standard services as well as specialized services to fit any customer’s needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for on the list below? Let us know…and we will work to create something that works perfect for you and your business.

Dedicated Truck/Driver - Dedicated Truck service is when a truck and a driver is assigned to your company. This truck is tailored to meet your specific needs

Spotting - If your facility needs trailers moved in and out of dock doors, Vertex can help.

Trailer Rental - No matter what kind of trailer you need, or how many, Vertex can help! Request a quote today.

Transfers - The Yard Spotter shuttles empty and full trailers within or near terminal, yard or work site. Shuttles empty and full trailers within dock area and parking lots

Drop Trailers - Put simply, a drop trailer is a truck trailer that is left at a location for some amount of time. It is “dropped” there for a later pickup